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Dead or Alive Dimensions Review

Nintendo 3DS Dead or Alive Dimensions

DOA Dimensions Gameplay


Dead or Alive Dimensions,  hands down has the best graphics on the Nintendo 3DS system. The first game I played for the Nintendo 3DS was Super Street Fighter IV and I thought those graphics would be hard to beat but as usual, the developers of the Dead or Alive series, Team Ninja, out did themselves again.

New generation of consoles

Possible Xbox future consoles

The Graphics for Dead or Alive Dimensions make you feel like you entered a new age of technology, where hand held devices are becoming as powerful as consoles. This could mean that the new generation of consoles is going to come out soon. Look at the signs normally the “Slim” versions of a console come out a year or two (at most) before the new generation of consoles are released.


Anyways back to the Dead or Alive Dimensions Review, the game play is very smooth and much easier to play with the Nintendo 3DS analog stick. I actually have an easier time playing Dead or Alive on the 3DS rather than the Xbox, which I never thought would happen. The fighting style is very smooth and doesn’t frustrate me as much as the previous Dead or Alive video games, I don’t know if its just easier on the Nintendo 3DS or the developers worked on the overall game flow.

Another area that Dead or Alive on the 3DS surpasses the console video games, is the amount of playable characters in the game. There are a total of 26 playable characters for Dead or Alive Dimensions and 2 alternate costumes for each character, which is more than any previous DOA video game.Dead-or-Alive-Dimensions-character-selection-screen The amount of unlock-able characters really adds to the game and keeps it interesting.

The chronicles “story” mode in Dead or Alive Dimensions covers the story mode for all the previous titles of DOA, and is a nice catch up on the history of Dead or Alive. The chronicles mode is a nice remake of all the original story lines, but there are two faults to its implementation. The first con is that the characters mouths don’t move during the cut scenes, it makes you feel like your game is possibly defective or frozen. The second fault of the chronicles story mode is that if you know the entire DOA series story, then this probably will be a breeze and just a rehash for you. However, if you haven’t played or missed out on a Dead or Alive game then this mode will be more intriguing.

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The Arcade mode is another feature in Dead or Alive Dimensions that allows you to quickly unlock characters and alternate costumes. This mode is a time attack against a series of opponents that you only need to defeat them in one round to progress to the next stage. The Arcade mode is fun for a few hours, but it does get a little dull. I recommend playing through the arcade mode to quickly unlock characters and costumes before playing the Chronicles mode. You can also unlock figurines of characters in the Arcade and Chronicles mode to view and take HD pictures of the characters.

Dead or Alive Dimensions rates

Gameplay 8/10 The game play is very smooth and easy to control especially for a hand held fighting game. I still haven’t decided if I like DOA or Super Street Fighter 4 as the best Nintendo 3DS game yet.

Graphics 9/10 The Dead or Alive games have always been known for their very detailed environments and stages, Dimensions for the Nintendo 3DS is no exception.

Audio 7/10 No great theme song or anything, just your standard fighting game sound effects and music.

Replay Value 7/10 After you play the Arcade mode a few times and run through the Chronicles mode, I don’t think there is much left to do in this game.

Dead or Alive Dimensions is a must play for Nintendo 3DS owners, especially because of the short selection of games available for the 3DS currently. Here is a clip of actual cut scenes for Dead or Alive Dimensions


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