Hunted The Demon’s Forge Review

Hunted is such an amazing… Wait no, it completely sucks :( I wanted to like this game because the concept seemed so alluring. Gears of War fighting style mixed with epic fantasy dungeon crawling! How can you screw that up?? Well Bethesda managed to find out how and here’s why. 

First off, these kinds of games are meant to be played multiplayer. When you start the adventure it doesn’t give you an option to play co-op unless you skip the tutorial part, which I don’t recommend doing. Once my girlfriend and I figured out how to actually start playing co-op, the split screen literally blacks out half of your TV. Now I have a 48 inch, which getting half of the screen cropped out made it a 24 inch and then it splits the screen for each player. Seriously?? They need to throw a few ninja stars into the developer who let that one slide. We decided to get over it and keep on playing but found ourselves dying, accidentally switching chars with this stupid orb, and wandering around aimlessly through dark tunnels until my girlfriend threw her controller down and went to sleep. What do you guys think about this one? Leave some comments.

 I rate this game:
Graphics 6/10- The graphics for this game are very average almost last gen of consoles

Audio 6/10- The audio was also average

Gameplay 5/10 The storyline is ok, but their is no spark to this game. 

Replay value 4/10 I highly doubt anyone would like to travel down this boring road again after they beat it

Rent or Buy? Rent


Mortal Kombat 9 Review

This game is epic, hands down the best Mortal Kombat game to date. The graphics are amazing and fit very well with the 2D fighting style. The developers did an amazing job making the game play fun and smooth, all the while being exceptionally gory. Everything from saws to the chest, x ray vision of bones breaking, arrows stuck through your leg… and this isn’t even the fatalities. The fatalities literally will leave you either laughing about how crazy that finishing kill was or wondering how this game was allowed to be sold to the general public. Another great aspect to Mortal Kombat was the single player campaign, which was quite lengthy for a fighting game. It actually followed a storyline and had great cut scenes between most fights. The one downside is that if you rent this game you need to pay for a code to play online.

What did we learn?
Graphics- 8/10 Nicely done for a fighting game

Gameplay- 9/10 A lot of OMG this game is epic moments

Audio- 8/10 As far as the sounds of agony and pain go, they were spot on

Replay value- 7/10 A fun game to pick up and play with friends after you already beat it

Rent or Buy- Buy if you are a fan of Mortal Kombat and fighting games

Dungeon Siege 3 Review

I recently had the displeasure of renting dungeon siege 3 for the 360 from GameFly and wasting a good 5 hours trying to figure out when this game was going to start being fun. It never happened. Dungeon siege 3 has a great concept for a dungeon crawler like diablo for a console but it failed to make the game enjoyable.

The most frustrating thing is that if you want to play multiplayer only the first players character actually saves. Wtf is up with that who would want to keep playing 2nd player if you have to start over every time? Also, the camera view is annoying because its from almost a complete aerial view so you can’t see what’s coming in front of your characters. The flame chick is kinda fun for the first 5 minutes of switching between her human form and ethereal flame form but the lack of moves does get uninteresting. The knight seemed very typical of a tank class who also has a two handed sword for dos. Don’t even get me started on the fat mage, I mean really? Who wants to play as a fat old dumbledore? And I already had the game in the mailbox before I thought about playin the gun slinging girl.

For a dungeon crawler I would recommend Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 or Torchlight dl through xbox live arcade instead of buying this game.

So this game rated 

Graphics- 4/10 Honestly they just switched from the PC platform to console and didn’t make to many polishes on the graphics.

Gameplay- 5/10 Muy abburido (currently in a Spanish class)

Audio- 6/10 The sound was average for a dungeon crawler game

Replay value- 6/10 If you are willing to stick to this game then there are 3 other characters to start over as

Rent or Buy? I wouldn’t even rent the game at this point

E3 and Video Games Live

Normally to get into E3 you have to be involved in the gaming industry but not if your the GameNinja and know how to sneak your way in. My girlfriend and I were able to enter the first section of E3 and play the newest Street Fighter game, which was pretty much just a visual upgrade of super street fighter 4 with more characters. Another game on my “to buy” list that we were able to see was Lord of the Rings: War in the North. This game looked aesthetically pleasing and had the same feeling as the Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers and Return of the King games for Xbox, ps2, and Gamecube. One thing that sucks is you can’t be Legolas, Aragorn, or Gimli because it is following a different storyline. Probably the most anticipated game for me is Star Wars the Old Republic for PC. I’ve literally been waiting since the 09 E3 game trailer. I may be hurting some feelings here (including my own) but SWTOR has the most potential for being a true Wow Killer. If you haven’t seen the trailer yet I linked it here:
These were just a few of the games I was able to view considering I wasn’t able to get into upper demo section that had more security.
Onto the event that I did actually have a pass for, this was the Video Games Live symphony. First off, let me start by saying have you ever wondered if you would ever get to see that movie moment when a dude gets on his knee and asks his girlfriend to marry him, then everyone starts to cheer? Well that coincidentally happened here and of course the dude introduced himself as Hawk when he got on stage (he also looked like a viking). The best part was his new fiancée (I’m assuming she said yes because you wouldn’t want to deny Hawk his Glory) was wearing a shirt that said Epic Fail! What a great start to a gamer marriage Congratz!

Anyway, if you grew up playing Mario or Sonic and you remember the theme songs with fond memories, then Video Games Live is a great concert for you. What VGL does is take the theme songs from the most popular video games such as Mario, Sonic, Street Fighter, (Grammy winning) Civilization 4, Final Fantasy, Warcraft, and oh yes Halo and has a symphony play it in front of you. Here is a picture I took of what the stage looked like from our seats

They would also bring out special guests to either play with the symphony or conduct, such as the kid who played the Mario theme songs blind folded on piano, the creator of the Pokémon theme song (he is a legend), Kinuyo Yamashita who was the composer for the original Castlevania games (to my surprise she was a girl), and the guy who conducted the World of Warcraft music for Cataclysm (which he looked like a giant dwarf, which wasn’t to my surprise). All in all, this event is a must see for any type of gamer, young and old. I literally get the chills when I listen to the Halo montage because not only does the music sound awesome, but it reminds me of the Maw campaign level from Halo One and the countless hours my friends and I would spend trying to beat it on heroic. As the last part of this post, I am leaving you with the Halo montage.

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