NBA 2K13 Review

NBA 2K13 Blake Griffin

NBA 2K13 Review

There are only 2 reasons why I purchased NBA 2K13 this year, one is because if you go online with NBA2K 12 it will have the same amount of players as NBA Jam online. The second reason is because it was produced by Jay-Z. Other than those two reasons I do not see an upgrade in graphics, gameplay, or any significant game mode changes that is worth buying an entire new game for. The monopoly on sports games is outrageous because the developers at 2K (basketball and baseball) & Electronic Arts (Madden & College Sports) know that every year they only have to release a game with a new title for the next season and everyone will buy it regardless if it sucks. I find this very frustrating especially in the NBA2K franchise because this game is not a whole lot better than last years or the previous years game. That is an extra $120 for what? Roster updates?

Not to mention, NBA2K graphics looks like I am playing on an N64 and you can barely tell the difference between a point guard and small forward. It’s almost 2013 and you are giving us graphics from 1996?? I remember playing NBA Live 09, 4 years ago and the graphics were bone chillingly real. The gameplay demo of Boston vs Lakers seemed like an actual game was on. Where did NBA Live go and why can’t we get a game that has the great gameplay of NBA2k with NBA Live graphics, is that too much to ask of these companies?

Take a look at the difference in this mug shot of Dirk, even though it is from 09 NBA 2K 13 still looks exactly the same.

NBA 2k graphics vs NBA liveGameplay

The only reason I believe that this franchise is making money is because of the most realistic style of game play. NBA2K found a great way to simulate the dynamics of basketball into a video game and make it as life like as possible. It is the most competitive basketball game compared to old NBA Live games and playing online can be fun if everyone on the other team doesn’t quit.


As a explained above, Nintendo 64 graphics. If NBA2K doesn’t upgrade their graphics significantly with next years game and if an NBA Live 14 comes out, I think they would give them a run for their money once people realize that Live is a better overall game. When playing sports games it is enjoyable because you can get a feeling of playing as your favorite sports star. So when I am draining 3’s with Chris Paul and it panes out for a close up and my player looks like a 5 year old drawing, it is really, really disappointing.

NBA 2k13 Graphics


What would you expect from a video game produced by Jay-Z other than a whole lot of songs that feature Jay-Z and Kanye. The Audio tracks are great especially if you like Jay-Z’s & Kanye’s music but if you don’t then you are probably going to turn off the sound in this game. I think a played NBA2K 13 for more than a week and didn’t hear one song that didn’t have Jay or Kanye in it. The music in the game does get you pumped up to play and helps with the overall experience of the game.

Jay Z executive produced NBA 2k13NBA 2K13 Rating

Gameplay 7/10 Would be more fun to play if the graphics were not stuck in the mid 90’s.

Graphics 4/10 I have raged about the graphics enough already.

Music 9/10 Executive produced by Jay-Z pretty much saved this game for me.

Replay Value 6/10 This game will be irrelevant next year, and hopefully NBA live will come out with a game to compete.