Kingdoms of Amalur Review


Kingdoms of Amalur Review

Kingdoms of Amalur takes you into a land full of magic and wonder that creates a world similar to world of warcraft. One of the first things you will notice when playing Kingdoms of Amalur is the fighting game play for an action rpg is top notch. Much like Fable, your character can learn magic while swinging giant swords, daggers, or a unique weapon called fae blades. The fighting style and progression of skill tree’s keep the game flowing and interesting throughout the lengthy storyline that takes your character to three different continents. Each continent has lots of quests that take you on separate adventures and minor story lines where you meet with a large cast of characters.


In the story you create a character who wakes up on a pile of carcases because he/she was resurrected by gnome magic. Of course, your character has faint memories of the past and can’t remember exactly who he/she was and tries to put the pieces to the puzzle back together. You quickly find out that the kingdom of Amalur is at war with the Tuatha – Winter fae and that your character is the one who can change the fate of the kingdom. Throughout the storyline you meet intellectual and crafty gnomes, the fae which are elven like immortal creatures, and various humans in need of help. The storyline is written by author and helps you delve deep into the world of Amalur.


The graphics are very similar to a World of Warcraft feel but with the game engine of a xbox 360/PS3 console which adds an even more detailed world. There are many areas throughout the game that make you stop and enjoy the artwork and scenery. Not to mention the graphics for spells and attacks are well done and complement the fighting style. If you enjoy playing Wow or action rpg’s this game is a must have.

Kingdoms of amalur graphics


The music in Kingdoms of Amalur fits well with the game and reminds me a lot of the background music in the Fable series. There was not a song that particularly stands out like the “Victory” song in Final Fantasy or opening theme song in World of Warcraft, but the music does go along with the game. There could be an improvement here which would make Kingdom of Amalur a real classic. Think about it, when people think back about Super Mario Bros what is the first thing that everyone starts doing? ….. You guessed it, sings the theme song!


Kingdoms of Amalur is an all around great game from storyline, fighting style, and graphics any role playing game fan will enjoy this adventure. If you would like a mix of final fantasy, Wow, and Fable elements blended nicely into one epic adventure than Kingdoms of Amalur is calling your name. I am hoping that there will be a sequel and more great games like this to come, perhaps with kinect features?!

Kingdoms of Amalur Rating

Gameplay – 8/10 Very fun action hack and slash style rpg. Does get a little bit repetitive over time but questing and storyline keep you entertained throughout.

Graphics 9/10 Great graphics and visual effects.

Music 7/10 Nothing to special about the music but like I said earlier, does fit the role of the game.

Replay Value 6/10 I don’t see much replay value in this game because once you run through the campaign there isn’t much of a reason to go back and play.