Batman Arkham City Review

Arkham City view

Arkham City

Batman Arkham City is perhaps the best action adventure fighting game to date. The only issue I had with the game was that it was too short!

The addictive fighting style introduce in Batman Arkham Asylum is even better in this game because of more combo’s and extra ways to kick the crap out of thugs as the Dark Knight and Catwoman. The storyline itself picks up where Arkham Asylum left off with the Joker being contaminated with the Titan virus and all the criminals being shipped from the Asylum to the open streets of Arkham City. You will see old villains from Arkham Asylum and a host of new villains from the Penguin all the way to Ras ah Ghul. The voice acting is impressive and the exciting storyline will literally keep you playing for hours. There are also hundreds of Riddler Trophies to solve and collect throughout the city while on your campaign which can take weeks to get every single one.

In Batman Arkham City you can also play as Catwoman in 4 different parts throughout the storyline which intertwines with Batman’s main story as well. Catwoman has her own unique set of upgrades, gadgets, and fighting moves which refreshes the gameplay of Arkham City. One thing that the developers could have thrown in to make this game outstanding is having Robin and Nightwing as playable characters in the main storyline as well. Instead they are only available as DLC and can only be played on challenge maps, which was disappointing for me.


The graphics of Arkham City are quite amazing and sometimes made me stop and look around for a bit to enjoy the view. Not only is Arkham City fun to look at but it’s fun to glide and grapple around which was a big improvement from the contained Asylum in the first game.

Batman-Arkham-City-GlidingBatman Arkham City Rates:

Gameplay 9/10 The storyline is very intriguing and almost makes you feel like you’re watching a movie. The amount of characters introduced from the Batman comics is quite good. There is also a good mix of fighting then playing detective throughout the game which kept me entertained.

Graphics 9/10 The graphics in this game are very detailed and makes you wonder how good the graphics will be on video games in the future.

Audio 8/10 The sound effects were pretty much the same as Arkham Asylum but they worked nonetheless. The voice acting was done very well though.

Replay Value 9/10 The fact that you can unlock over 400 Riddler trophies, new costumes, and play as downloadable characters make this game interesting to play through multiple times.

Overall this game would have been a perfect 10 if the storyline was a big longer and if Nightwing and Robin were playable characters during the main storyline. If you are a fan of Batman this game is a collectors item so you must buy it!!