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GameFly Free Month

Gamefly Review and free trialGameFly Free Month

With this link above you will receive an extra month free if you sign up for your first month of GameFly ! Enjoy

gamefly-free-trialWhen I fell in love with Netflix, I thought it was the most creative digital business ever and immediately got all my friends and family to sign up. This mindset however quickly changed when I saw a commercial for GameFly. A video game digital business that works exactly like Netflix! I have always loved gaming and disliked the ever increasing prices of video games, but GameFly solves that problem and provides a service that I will use forever.

Gamefly free month or trailNot only can you rent and play any video game from previous consoles such as the original Xbox to the newest generation of consoles Nintendo 3DS, but there are no late fees and if you end up wanting to keep the video game you can buy it at a discounted price! There are multiple plans such as 1 game out at a time for $15 or 2 games out for $22 which I think has the best value. Before you sign up for a new GameFly account make sure you use the referral link to receive a GameFly free month at no additional charge!

GameFly provides a better value than Netflix because video games cost $60 brand new whereas Blu-rays normally cost $35. I used to hate going to Blockbuster to rent from a poor selection of video games for $7 a week (not even). With GameFly I can add any game I want from my game que from home or on the go with my addicting GameFly mobile app. I spend at least 20 minutes a day searching for great reviews on games that I never heard of or watching game trailers right from my phone. GameFly-mobile-phone-app


The best part is the GameFly mobile app is free even if your not a member! I never thought I would see the day when I would constantly be excited for regular mail on a weekly basis. Even my girl friend (yes its true, I’m not lying) saw how excited I was when I would receive my GameFly video games in the mail and is now a member as well. If you are a true gamer or just want to save some cash then why have you not already been using GameFly? As long as GameFly continues its great service then I will remain a loyal customer and recommend you to sign up as well.