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X-Men Origins Review

X-Men Origins Wolverine video gameX-Men Origins was a very interesting spin off of the Origins movie about Wolverine. It followed most of the storyline from the movie but there were some significant differences. You start out in the jungle when Striker and his team were searching for the adamantium. He still has his bone claws but he is just as BA as ever.

After you do a few quests here it jumps forward to the present time when he has the adamantium. This is where it starts getting kind of annoying and confusing because you have to follow certain paths with your feral senses, X-men Origins adamantiumwhich cuts out a lot of the graphics because you constantly have to have the senses turned on.

I really did like how they made it somewhat easier to find out where you have to go that way though because it is extremely easy to get turned around and lost. I loved the different special abilities such as lunge and the claw spin, those both did a lot of damage. This game seems great but it was somewhat frustrating to me because it kept switching back and forth between the jungle and the present day, I wish that it had just been in sequential order but I guess the parts they added that were separate from the movie made it somewhat necessary.

There were certain parts I didn’t agree with much as well because of the way he meets the characters. As the game progressed it seems EXACTLY like the movie, but then it throws you off because when he meets back up with the old team mates from Africa you meet them completely different and then you have to fight them. I will admit fighting Fred “the Blob” Dukes was entertaining because at one point you hop on him and start to ride him through shelves to get his health down.


X-men Origins Wolverine vs Gambit

In X-men Origins fighting Gambit with Wolverine was also somewhat frustrating because you have to climb a giant construction site to get to him and it seems to take forever because there are other enemies along the way. The initial ending fight with him is somewhat interesting, but unless you are good at blocking and quick attacks (I’m not entirely good at that haha), it may take a few minutes to really get him.

X-Men Origins Rates:

Gameplay 6/10 just because it followed the movie well, but I didn’t particularly like the side stories it kept going through and how it kept switching back and forth from the past to the present so quickly. I would have liked to have gone straight through.

Graphics 9/10 It had amazing visuals and as Wolverine got injured you could see right down to his bones and it was extremely gory. You can watch him regenerate as well which was pretty cool.

Audio 5/10 The audio was kind of a letdown  because there wasn’t too much music and it was mostly just the effects (gunfire, injury sounds…) I think it would have been a lot better with more background music and maybe even a few good songs in the fight scenes could have made a difference.

Replay Value 5/10 I would never spend the money to buy this game. It is extremely slow in the beginning, yes it ends up getting quicker after a while but it just has a lot of repetitive monsters and you don’t really see a fluctuation of different enemies other than fighting the other member of the team (ex. Gambit, Deadpool, Victor…)

Oh, just a hint for all of you World of Warcraft fans out there… I found an extra achievement that comes up as “WoW!” hahaha… the picture is below… do you recognize that sword?

x-men origins Wow achievement

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