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X-Men: Destiny, which is set to hit stores this fall, is definitely going to be top on my list of games to buy. Not only was X-Men: First Class one of the best this summer, but it also made me realize that there haven’t been any really good X-Men games out since the short lived X-Men Legends and Marvel Ultimate Allianceseries. I dug into my GameInformer magazine and found an article that spills a few details of the upcoming game. It is a action/rpg (role playing game) that involves choosing and evolving your characters abilities and stats. The story line is a bit different than usual because the game is set in an alternate reality in which Professor X is dead and Cyclops (I honestly never could figure out why Cyclops is always the leader) has taken command. The game allows you to choose one of three brand new mutants to evolve during the game.

Aimi, who is a young teenager from Japan, has the power to control electricity.

Grant Alexander, who was a football player in Georgia, grew up ignorant about the human vs. mutant controversies until he discovered his own mutant abilities. He is much like a stereotypical jock, being ignorant about a lot of things in life and just dealing with problems when it matters to them. His mutant abilities seem like hulk hands but with steel around them from what I can tell.

Lastly, there is Adrian Luca. An activist raised to discriminate against mutants, only to find out that he himself is one (stuff like that can mess with your head).

Luckily for me, my favorite X-Men character, Gambit is in this game. As well as a host of other X-Men characters such as; Wolverine, Night Crawler, Cyclops, Colossus etc. Apparently, the X-Men characters will be intertwining with your characters throughout the game to get you to join them (as in every other X-Men related content). The brotherhood characters will also be showing up to try and get some new recruits. This game looks promising, and I’m excited for it to come out.

I know there is Marvel Ultimate Alliance 1 and 2 with X-Men characters, but does anyone know another decent X-Men Game?

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  1. I like the premise for this game. It'll be interesting to see how the new mutants develop. I'm with you on the Cyclops point, though – always found him pretty boring!

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