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Transformers War for Cybertron Review

Transformers War for Cybertron beat my expectations for how fun this game could possibly be. If your a fan of the Transformers series/movies or like to blow $h1t up then this game is for you. The storyline is pretty interesting because it goes through a Decepticon and Autobot campaign about the War for Cybertron which shows you how Cybertron became so devastated. This game gets really fun when you start blasting away at other transformers and then transforming into tanks to really starting blowing them all to hell. Did I mention that you can also be Starscream and turn into a jet and fly through parts of Cybertron while being shot at by Autobots. Also, the graphics are done quite nicely because even though they are not the best details I have ever seen they still make you feel like you’re in a different mechanical world.

Overall I was very surprised how well High Moon Studio (the developers) made this game. It is fun to pick between different Autobots and Decepticons while changing back and forth between forms.

There is also a release date set for 2012, for Transformers War for Cybertron 2.


Transformers War for Cybertron rates:
Gameplay 7/10 – This game is a great buy for Transformer fans, but I would say rent it otherwise. Lots of action and high speed vehicle chasing (just how Michael Bay likes it) makes it fun game to play.
Graphics 7/10 – The graphics are detailed just enough to make you feel like you are set in a different world, but I would like to see even better graphics in the sequel.
Audio 8/10 – All you need to do to make a transformers sound track is have the original Transforming sound which it does.
Replay Value 7/10 – This game may only be fun the first time around for the campaign but there is a really fun multiplayer to add replay value.
I will definitely check out and review Transformers Dark of the Moon and The War for Cybertron 2 so be sure to check back!
What do you guys think about this game?

What about the actual Transformers movie that just came out? (I thought it was a lot better than the second movie)

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  1. That sounds about right! I'm going to check out the newest Transformers game Dark of the Moon soon. You should follow me and I will post an update with a review on it for you

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