Super Mario 3D Land

3DS_SuperMario land
Super Mario 3D Land was a very nice addition to the library of Nintendo 3DS games. I found that it very similar to the original Mario games which were primarily in 2D, except it is all in 3D and has many features in which you could run forward in certain areas and collect items off the pathway and also run behind walls and it would show only your shadow.
Obviously I enjoyed the original, but this one was MUCH better due to the 3D integration into the game. I really liked how they brought in power ups from different Mario games, such as the Super Mushroom, Fire Flower, and the Super Leaf. There are also a few others that were quite fun such as the Boomerang Flower, which allows him to throw boomerangs, and the Propeller Box, which allows him to reach high places. Throughout the game as you go through all of the levels, you can gather Star Medals (new version of Star Coins) and use them to unlock areas further in. I found that some of these are very difficult to find or to obtain for that matter, but it made it just as interesting to go back and find them all once I beat the game.
Another thing that I really enjoyed on this remake was the levels. There are 8 worlds with maybe 5-7 levels each, ranging from regular grass levels with different towers to go up and underwater levels. There is also a few haunted house levels that proved to be extremely entertaining. All in all, this game was definitely worth waiting for, and I can’t wait for them to make more Mario games for the 3DS. This is definitely a very good reason, if not the best, to have the console.

Super Mario 3D Land Rates:
Gameplay 9/10 : I literally could not put this game down. The way they made the different lands and the way they integrated the 3D aspect of it made it one of my favorite games that I currently own. I’m really excited to see what they do with the upcoming Mario games, such as Mario Kart 7 and Paper Mario – 3DS.
Graphics 10/10 : I have never been able to give a game 10/10 rating, but this game takes the cake. I usually like to speed through my games so that I can either sell them or replay them to see if I can beat my previous scores, but with this I spent a lot of time just looking around the levels and checking things out. They really did a great job.
Audio 8/10 : This has a lot of the old Mario songs in it but I kind of wish they would make some changes to the songs to kind of perk it up a bit.
Replay Value 9/10 : Not only is there a lot of different things you can go back and do throughout the levels but it is really fun to see how much faster you can go throughout the levels to see if you can beat your previous times.
Overall, this game was a great buy and I can’t wait for the other Mario games to come out.


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