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Star Fox 64 3D Review

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Just like the good ol days


Finally, another Star Fox classic remade for use at the palm of your hand. Star Fox 64 3D is the remake of the classic N64 game that made characters such as Fox McCloud and Falco Lombardi go down in Nintendo history as franchise characters. From the moment I turned my Nintendo 3DS on and started playing Star Fox 64 3D, I had immediate nostalgia from my early years. Nintendo did a great job revamping this game to have the same feel and story as the original Star Fox, but with updated 3D graphics!

starfox 64 3d Gameplay  As far as game play goes for Star Fox 64 3D, the stages and controls are very similar to the N64 classic. You know the same old General Pepper assembling the Avengers! (I mean Team Fox) to fly out of Corneria and save the Lylat system from the evil geniAndross Star Fox 64 3Dus/giant monkey Andross. I think Nintendo had to much of an obsession with misbehaving Monkeys back in the day with Donkey Kong, Super Monkey ball, Andross…

I was somewhat disappointed with the lack of no new alternate stages or paths to unlock that weren’t in the N64 game, but there are the original 16 missions to complete in the game.

I understand that Nintendo wasn’t trying to mess with the original game too much and only update the graphics for the Nintendo 3DS, but if you’re going to charge $40 for  a brand new game, then I would expect there to be brand new content. (But we’re all suckers and pay the $40 anyways :) )

One new feature that is impressive (besides the 3D graphics), are the gyro controls while flying your Arwing. The Gyro controls let you steer the Arwing by physically moving your Nintendo 3DS around, which adds an extra fun factor to the game play until you get a head ache from spinning around to much.

Other than the 3D graphics and the gyro controls for Star Fox 64 3D for the Nintendo 3DS, I really don’t see any giant improvements to the game but I guess Nintendo felt like sticking to the old saying “don’t try to fix what isn’t broken.” Don’t get me wrong, this game is definitely worth buying if you are a Star Fox 64 fan, but when you wait almost a decade for a new Star Fox game and it literally takes only 30 minutes to beat, it’s kind of a let down. Oh well, guess its back to repeating the same levels over and over again until you start having dreams of Peppy yelling out “Do a Barrell roll Fox”

Star Fox 64 3D Rates:

Gameplay 8/10 Star Fox 64 3D is still quite fun to take control of that Arwing and shoot evil zoo animals while flying around the updated 3D environments.

Graphics 8/10 The graphics definitely make this game worth the $40 to shell out for a remake, especially if your a fan of Star Fox.

Audio 9/10 The only reason I’m giving the audio a 9 out of 10 is because Nintendo kept the “Do a barrel roll Fox” phrase in the game.

Replay Value 7/10 The replay value could have been much higher if Nintendo added in some new stages but of course, they didn’t.


Now that Nintendo has released two of its classic N64 games Zelda Ocarina of Time and Star Fox 64 3D, one can only hope that more classic games such as Super Smash bros or Star Wars pod racers eventually will come out on the Nintendo 3DS as well!

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