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Shadows of the Damned Review

Garcia Hotspur Shadows of the Damned

Say hola to the newest badass demon hunter in town Garcia Hotspur from Shadows of the Damned. Let me start off by saying this game requires a lot of crude humor to enjoy, I’m talking every sentence there is a F*** you Mother F**** or a Holy Shit! (My personal favorite). As well as your hilarious sexually oriented jokes such as his main gun being named Boner, which eventually upgrades into Hot Boner and you’re asked to blow shit up with your flaming hot boner.

Anyways, this game is very enjoyable for a zombie 3rd person shooter game. It reminds me of a Devil May Cry feel mashed with House of the Dead and it works! The story starts out with Garcia killing a few demons in his apartment and realizing that his “Angel” (think deep Spanish accent) was taken by demons and dragged down to hell. You know typical Dante’s Inferno story line. Garcia Hotspur is such a badass that he decides to unleash his wrath on the demons and zombies in hell while chasing after his girlfriend Paula. His wise mouthed sidekick Johnson is a floating skull that can transform into torches, and guns that allow Garcia to do some heavy damage.The guns are a powerful handgun named Boner, a shotgun called skullcushioneer, and the machine gun teethgrinder.

The game play in Shadows of the Damned is an over the shoulder 3rd person shooter infused with puzzles to progress through the game. The puzzles are pretty simple, but keep the game interesting because the introduced a “you can’t kill zombies while there is darkness surrounding the area, which also takes away Garcia’s health.” How do you shine light on the darkness covered areas? Shoot the mounted Goat heads on the walls of course! (Don’t ask me, but apparently Goats are a symbol of light).


Then you also have your occasional boss battles that can be fighting anything from mounted minotaur knights, to grim reapers.  There is also one part of the game where you can have Garcia read a book called Stinky Crow, I highly recommend taking the 5 minutes to read the book. Not only will you enjoy what happens in the end of the book, but Garcia’s narrative that sounds like he had some serious issues reading back in elementary school. I guess Garcia got A’s in demon hunting but had a little bit of trouble in the literature department.

Shadows-Of-The-Damned-XBOX-360-BossShadows of the Damned Rates:

Gameplay 8/10 The 3rd person shooter had a smooth feel to the game and the zombies definitely made me jump a couple times throughout the game. Not to mention all the laughs throughout Garcia’s and Johnson’s commentary.

Graphics 7/10 Nothing special here, but nothing to really complain about. Shadows of the Damned has your average Xbox 360 and PS3 graphics which could have been improved upon a bit more.

Audio 8/10 The zombies and demons made the typical aarrhhh noises and sounds but the voice actors for Garcia and Johnson did an awesome job.

Replay Value 7/10 The only reason I would run through this game a second time would be to laugh at the jokes again, not to play through the story.

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