Nintendo 3DS Review of the console.

Nintendo 3DS Review

Nintendo 3DS Review

I went ahead and took advantage of my Powerup Rewards card offer and bought the Nintendo 3DS for $99. Let me tell you that I am not disappointed! Nintendo Consoles/games have been a huge let down as of late, but start purchasing stock in Nintendo again ladies and gentlemen, because the Nintendo 3DS is spectacular.

Nintendo 3DS HD Pictures

The Nintendo 3DS is like having a portable Xbox/PS2/Gamecube in your hand. Not only are the graphics in 3D, but the 3DS can also go online, take HD pictures, download Gameboy games directly to a SD card, and be used as a mp3 player.

Nintendo 3DS HD pictures are high quality and can be stored on the SD that it comes with. I was planning on buying a new camera, but after seeing that my 3DS takes HD quality pictures and my cell phone does as well, why bother?

The controls on the 3DS are a big upgrade from the normal directional pad because it comes with a mini joystick pad that makes games like Super Street Fighter 4 and Dead or Alive a lot easier to play on hand helds. I also really like the sleek metallic design that the 3DS has because it feels very modern.

Graphics– The graphics are quite amazing, I turned my Nintendo 3DS on when I got home and was staring at the screen wondering how Nintendo created a hand held device that had Xbox like graphics. I remember playing on those big fat gray Gameboys like it was yesterday and now cell phones have free apps that have better graphics. Technology has come a long way in such a short amount of time.

Here is an example of how good the graphics are for this hand held device. Doesn’t that remind you of the Gamecube graphics that was out just 5 years ago?

Not only are the graphics very detailed but the 3D images do work and without those annoying glasses! (When will the movies learn)

There is, however, a few cons to having such detailed 3D images on a hand held. The first is that sometimes the images blur for poorer quality games, which can get very annoying. The second con is that after staring into the device for about 20 minutes you will develop a slight headache. One solution to the headaches are to just pause the game and take a break (eat a sandwich you lazy bums) or you can turn down the 3D graphics. Even when the 3D graphics are turned off the images are more detailed than a regular DS which is nice.

Nintendo 3DS Rates: (Can you tell that I like the aqua color?)

Graphics 9/10, For a hand held device what more can you ask for? The images are in 3D, require no glasses and not to mention look like your playing the previous generation of consoles.

Controls 8/10 The controls are similar to the Nintendo DS except the addition of the mini joystick which I like, and a new home button.

Audio 7/10 The only reason I rated the audio is because of the issue I have with the volume. It doesn’t seem to get as loud as previous Gameboys, which is kind of disappointing. They are loud enough to hear, but if you have the TV on or loud neighbors good luck trying to block out distractions.

Features 9/10 When I read that the Nintendo 3DS can take HD pictures I was impressed but the features don’t stop there. The 3DS has WiFi capabilities to download older games, a sound management section for listening to music, a Mii character, and much more.

Overall, I am pretty impressed with the Nintendo 3DS and recommend purchasing one with the recent price cut from $249 to $169. You will definitely be seeing more Nintendo 3DS game reviews coming, especially for Star Fox :).

What do you guys think about the 3DS? Has anyone tried to download a Gameboy game from the online store yet? Leave some comments and some luv!

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