Gears of War 3 Review

Gears of War 3 is an amazing finally to the trilogy. Epic did a really good job on this game. If you want CoD you’re in the wrong place. This game is here to throw everything at you that Epic made great from the very start of the series.

First things first, campaign mode. Campaign is harder than it was in the previous games. Epic has made it their job to make the campaign harder and harder with each installment. The game is long enough and will keep you occupied for quite some time. It may be possible to beat it in one day but you’ll be there in front of the tube the entire day. Something that they did great about the campaign is the multiplayer. They’ve always had split-screen with a friend but this time they made it possible to play online with up to 4 people. Enjoy running and gunning with 3 other friends all the while chainsawing the enemy till none are left standing. They let you skip parts with talking by hitting the Back button so that’s a fun fix on your second run through. You don’t have to keep walking with your hand up to your ear for 5 minutes any longer. One thing I didn’t care for is how the ammo crates no longer give ammo to all of the guns you have. It gives ammo to only your basic primary guns that you find everywhere. It no longer gives grenades, sniper, boom-shot, or anything else that you may think of along those lines. They also make you bury through most of your ammo at every confrontation. So at times you’re switching for what ever gun you can find in the middle of the fight. It does help keep things interesting I guess. There’s still a lot of collectables for people that want to find them but there’s a ton of Easter Eggs as well for fun. I can’t even name all of them. There’s a Cluck-shot (Boom-shot that fires chickens), everyone with Dom’s beard, and a giant golden Lambent chicken to name a few. I personally enjoyed everyone with Dom’s beard because even Carmine had it on the outside of his helmet.

Before I go into multiplayer I want to talk about the weapons. There have been some changes as well as additions to the roster. The shotgun is no longer a rape everything gun. It’s been greatly balanced. Not saying nerfed because everyone knew it was over powered in the past. They have a sawed-off shotgun that has incredible power but extremely short range. There’s only one in the chamber so if you get in your opponents face and pull the trigger you’ll get the enjoyable splash and gore but if you miss you could be sitting on the exam table instead. The retro lancer is the new addition to the primary assault gun. It’s range is a bit shorter with a wider spray but a little more damage. So you should use it in close to medium range. The benefit of this gun is the lance at the end. Hold B and you’ll charge your opponent and gore them on the tip of it. Lots of enjoyment in this one. Haha. There’s a digger launcher that you shoot into the ground and it pops up next to the opponent. Nothing too special there. Aside from a couple new heavy guns similar to the Grinder that’s about it. Oh! You can now use the Cleaver that the Butchers used in GoW2. It’s fun but not worth it. Trust me.

So onto Multiplayer. There’s still the verses modes that we grew to enjoy in GoW2. Not much has changed here. Pit yourself against the enemy team and go at it. The levels are balanced and a ton of fun. You may not care for one particularly but everyone has those. Everything here has just been refined from previous games and beta testing. They did a great job with Beta testing this game because it let them fix anything before launch while giving the public what they wanted. Props to Epic for doing this. Not many companies do this any longer and it’s sad because it helps them out.

There’s Horde mode still as well as a new addition, Beast mode. Horde is the same thing that everyone has grown to enjoy in every single shooter since its release on GoW2 3 years back. With the difficulty of the game getting harder this mode as well has gotten a little more frustrating. Beast mode is awesome. You get to chose to be a Locast and attack the humans. It’s a nice little change but leads to some awesome things. The Wretch is a ton of fun and the Ticker has some incredible moments when you get there and blow up in the enemies face. They did something great here. I don’t see other games having this but once again they’re just pushing the envelope from last time.

Gears of War 3 has a lot to show for the work put in. The campaign is great and multiplayer just gives more and more for players to have fun with. The sheer among of Easter Eggs put into this game shows how much Epic wanted people to play this game and enjoy every little bit of it. I kid you not when I tell you that there’s more than 10 EE in this game. In the end they did a great job with the game and I recommend it to anyone that enjoys a 3rd person style shooter with fast gameplay.

Gears of War 3 Rating:

Graphics: 9.5

Gameplay: 9

Audio: 8.5

Replay Value: 9

Overall: 9/10


Dead Island Review


The first thing I have to say about this game is that it deserves the Mature rating it received. If you don’t care for cursing, blood, dismembering, gruesome scenes, zombies, guns or other such things, then this is definitely not the game for you.

Now, for everyone that has no problem with these, I give you a game that is a lot of fun. Dead Island is basically a zombie game with RPG elements to it. If I were to compare it to another game, I’d have to say that it’s a mix between Left 4 Dead and Borderlands.

The story of this game is that you are immune to being turned into a zombie and you have to go around and help a bunch of people with different tasks trying to get off the island. You start off in a hotel on the beach and continue toward your ultimate goal of rescue. The main quest takes you from the beach, to the city, along to the sewers, and several other places. I enjoyed the change of scenery and it made things feel very different. I hated some areas and enjoyed others more.

The map and environment is basically open to explore. You load in and get to walk around and go anywhere you want with no loading. If you change areas, like from beach to city, then you have to load. But this is because it’s a completely different area and map. I played with the game installed on my Xbox 360, so there may be some loading possibly elsewhere but I haven’t heard anything about it.

DeadIslandThere are 4 different characters to chose from and each of them have their specialties: blunt weapons, sharp weapons, throwing weapons and firearms. You are able to use any weapon in the game that you want but the abilities you get pertain to these weapons. Every character has an ability called fury. It’s makes you very strong for a short period of time and gives you a special weapon to use. Each character’s weapon pertains to their specialty. Sharp gets a knife, blunt gets brass-knuckles, throwing gets throwing knives and firearms gets a pistol. You have to build the meter to use it, but it honestly doesn’t take too long to get it up. It’s a free pass to kill everyone in your path until it’s gone.

Each character has 3 skill trees. The first is only for fury. There are upgrades in there that increase damage, health, time and several others. It’s very helpful if you enjoy using fury a lot. The second is the combat tree. These bonuses are most often related to your weapon of choice. Here you can increase damage to your specialty, durability of your weapons and give yourself bonuses and skills to use, such as ramming enemies to the ground. The third and final one, is the survival tree. This one has a large range of abilities. For some, it may give more healing, lowered prices, more xp and the ability to avoid zombies. For others, it could make them attract zombies more or even give you a chance to recover a thrown weapon instantly. The thing that I enjoy is that the creators didn’t just give the same trees to every character. They’re all specific to the character. Some skills may be similar, but others may not show up at all on the other three character’s skill tree. It makes your character feel more unique.

There are a lot of weapons to chose from and you will find them absolutely everywhere. Melee weapons are either sharp or blunt, but there are several different types with different ranges and bonuses. The larger weapons provide more damage, but take much more stamina to use. Weapons also have an attribute called force. The higher the number, the easier it is to just knock a zombie on the ground. The last thing to note about melee weapons is durability. Every weapon takes damage the more you use it. You can find workbenches throughout the game to repair your weapons for a low cost. It’s never too much.dead-island-zombies

The other weapons include firearms and explosives. Early game you will not be able to find a single firearm. Even if by some chance you do find one, there wont be any ammo to use for it. So that may seem like a lost cause for some, but mid to late game you start to see them everywhere. If you want to use them, you are free to do so. It does make the game a little easier at certain times, but it’s completely up to you whether or not you use them. I used them for specific situations. Explosives are basically molotov cocktails or some kind of grenade made from ingredients. They always have a huge blast radius, so use them with care.

The game allows you to find a lot of different items lying around. They take up no room in your inventory and you can hold as many as you want. These items are either used for quests or, in most cases, to upgrade weapons. At the workbench you can upgrade weapons for a cost. This uses no items at all and increases the base attributes of the weapons. Every weapon can be upgraded 3 times. The other way to upgrade weapons is to use items found or bought to attach onto the item of choice. You find recipes for these mods and there are a lot of them. They range from nails in a bat to a sword hooked up to batteries that you can use to electrocute the undead. You can even upgrade your guns to have poison, fire or electric shots.

There are several types of zombies in the game for your enjoyment. There are the really slow and stupid zombies, but there’s also the Left 4 Dead running zombies that pissed me off the most. As you progress through the story you’ll see the others. One is a zombie on roids that’ll knock you to the floor and kill you far too easily. Another is a charger that runs at you. There’s one that gets close to you and blow up, as well as others that spit some kind of flammable fluid on you. Among the zombies are some humans. Nothing special about them. It was a good cast of enemies that they put in the game in my opinion.

Playing the game is a lot of fun. You can go at it solo or play multiplayer via system link or Live/PSN. People can jump into your game freely if you allow them or you can do it to others. They also allow you to have saved spots if you want to invite your friends but others are in the way. You can join any game that is where you are in the story or earlier. Sorry, but no power leveling off of higher level friends.

All of these sound like a great game, but there are some little things that make the game a little troublesome at times. The game seems to be released as a beta. There are a ton of glitches. Most are minor inconveniences, while others are good. For instance, an NPC wont talk to you or some unknown force wont let you get up the stairs. These can be fixed by just reloading your game. A good one is being able to duplicate weapons. I used this one a lot. Oh, how I loved this glitch! There is one in particular that the company is working to fix ASAP though. A small percent of people have found that while playing online with friends, their entire character data was deleted. Yea, that’s right… Imagine putting in 10+ hours into the game only to find out it’s gone. I’d be pissed off. From gamers reports, the game just stopped autosaving all together. Next time they tried loading the data for that character they realized that the character wasn’t there at all. No record of them ever being there.


Dead Island Rating:

Graphics: 8.5/10   The graphics on the zombies were great. Slicing off limbs and smashing heads in left bloody messes everywhere, but there was nothing that really stood out. Plus, the characters had a weird way of talking by wobbling their head side to side constantly.

Gameplay: 9.5/10   The game was a lot of fun to go through and got you hooked mission after mission. There’s so much to do in the game from grabbing items to killing zombies for experience, that it’s hard to put down the controller. The game does feel like screwing you at times by throwing everything at you and spawning you right there once again. This is what made me feel like stopping. I hate how the computer functions at times…

Audio: 9/10   The sounds really immersed you in the game. Zombie sounds everywhere, but they were still distinct. Every zombie type had their own sound, so you knew when you were going to be ambushed by those runners. Didn’t always mean you lived, but at least you had that second to realize they were coming after you.

Replay Value: 9/10   The game does have a lot to make you keep playing. It truly does. The leveling up and items that you can get do help to add to the enjoyment. Plus, if you’ve got some friends, it’s a lot of fun to join their game and help ’em out a little. I personally beat the game and still play with my brother and friends. Not sure how much more it’ll last if they don’t play, but in my opinion it’s doing the job for me right now.

Overall: 9/10   The game is a lot of fun. Leveling, weapons, upgrades and a ton of missions add to the flavor and playability. I’m still playing it now and enjoy it a lot. The one thing that’s holding this game back is all the glitches it has. I’m not joking when I say that it feels like it was released as a beta. They needed to get more testers for this game.

Batman Arkham Asylum Review

Batman and Joker Arkham Asylum

I noticed that we don’t have a review for Batman Arkham Asylum with Arkham City coming out soon. Now that’s just a shame isn’t it? I know it’s a little older, but hopefully this will convince some of you guys and gals to go out and play it before the new one comes out. Now let’s begin.

In Arkham Asylum (AA), you play as the Caped Crusader, Batman. He’s just as awesome as ever in this rendition. The story starts with Batman taking Joker to AA. He ends up breaking free of the guards while you’re there and now you gotta stop him and all the other baddies that are let loose.Killer Croc Scarecrow and Bane Batman Arkham Asylum

Inside of AA, there are plenty of bad guys to fight. Harley Quin, Zsasz and Killer Croc to name a few. There are plenty more where that came from, including a plethora of henchmen for you to beat up. They really went all out on the cast of this game. There are even several items referencing other characters just for you to reminisce about.

When you start the game, you’ll first notice the amazing graphics. Trust me, they stand out so amazingly. The creators put the Unreal engine to good use here. Every character has an amazing amount of detail and their animations are so fluid and vivid. On top of that the environments are even more amazing. AA has so many tiny details everywhere that it’s almost too much. You know that corner of the room that no one cares about? Well they do. That’s honestly how much detail is in there.

So throughout the game you play as Batman from a third-person view. It may seem a little odd to some at first but it’s for the best. It lets you admire everything and take in everything around you completely. It honestly does. When a game is in first-person, you’re limited to what you can see directly in front of you. So you may see one enemy in front of you, but not the two on the side about to jump you. It’s for this purpose that they implemented it into the entire game. You’re playing third person normally, but when you get into combat it becomes almost an overhead shot. Suddenly, the environment becomes an open view and you can see everyone and everything around you.



Batman Arkham Asylum Stealth

The combat system that they input into Batman Arkham Asylum was simply amazing. It’s a freeflow system that allows you to stream combos very easily, while looking visually stunning too. It’s not only entertaining to the player, but anyone watching as well. You have a punch button, counter, stun, dodge, and your equipment. You can attack your enemies head on and if you spot someone going to attack you from the back, you hit counter at any time, even in the middle of your combo to keep the train going. Now, you’re not limited to only enemies directly within arms distance. Batman is too awesome for just that. If you knock an enemy out and the other is a few feet away, point in that direction with the analog stick and hit attack and Batman will leap across the area to attack him now. The idea of freeflow is being hammered in so much that getting a combo of 50-60 hits is well within reason.

Batman Arkham Asylum fightingThe other combat system is Batman fighting from the shadows. You basically have enemies that are armed with guns and searching the area. Your job is to take them out stealthily. It stays true to Batman and how he takes out enemies one by one. You can string them up from gargoyle statues or even drop them on your enemies below to frighten them.

The detective angle of Batman Arkham Asylum for the Xbox 360, is great as well. It’s not only focusing on the fact that Batman is a great fighter, but still keeping in touch with the fact that he’s the best detective ever. There are puzzles hidden around for you to figure out and follow the clues to the next area. They implemented an alternative view mode called Batcowl. It identifies key items in the areas such items, trails, NPCs, badguys and whether or not they have a gun. If you want, you can stay in that view forever. It makes the game easier by identifying everything easily, but you don’t get to enjoy everything else because it kind of puts things into an x-ray view.


Batman Arkham Asylum Rating:

Graphics: 10/10   The graphics are absolutely amazing. I can’t repeat it enough. Everything from the environments, to the characters and even items scattered around are so clean and crisp. It really allows you to be pulled into the game even more when the game looks like a movie.

Gameplay: 10/10   The fighting is awesome. The detective work can be difficult if you want to go for side objectives, but still engaging enough in the main story to allow it to still be present.

Audio: 10/10   The sounds of the environment help to pull you into the game more. You don’t have loud music when you’re trying to be stealthy. It makes no sense. So what ever audio is in there has its place and purpose.

Replay Value: 10/10 I played it twice. Once on normal and once on hard. It wasn’t just to beat the game, but because it was so much fun. It doesn’t take away from the experience at all. I may play it one more time right before Arkham City comes out.

Overall: 9.8/10   I honestly want to give this game a 10/10, but that’s just not possible. No game is perfect. But this is the closest to one that I’ve ever played or seen and it’s honestly one of my top favorite games. No complaints at all about it and I would recommend it to anyone. Here is a video clip of the upcoming Batman Arkham City, set to release on October 18th 2011.

Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood Review

assassins creed brotherhood Xbox 360 ReviewAssassin’s Creed is a game about two factions waring against each other over the ages. The two factions are the Assassins and the Templars. You play as the assassins. Now this particular game takes place after the events of the previous game, Assassin’s Creed 2. So I would recommend playing that and even Assassin’s Creed 1 before touching this one. You don’t have to, but the story may seem a little off for you if you haven’t. The next paragraph is a brief synapses of the previous titles. If you want to just jump to the review of the game skip the next paragraph.

The game has two main stories to it: Ezio’s and Desmond’s. Desmond is a man from the modern age that is reliving his ancestor’s memories through a machine called the Animus. This is so that he can gain knowledge and also train using the system. Ezio is his ancestor and his story takes place during the Renaissance period in several areas of Italy. You go about a beautiful landscape and take on missions to infiltrate, assassinate, and procure items of worth. Your father and two brothers were killed at the beginning of AC2 and the story continues as you learn to be an assassin and get revenge against the Templars. There is a much deeper story to the game that you may uncover if you so desire, but is not necessary.

Let us now begin with the game at hand. Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood begins at the end of the second game. If you remember correctly, you were left with some cliff hanger of an ending. So as Desmond you must now relocate to a new safe zone. Once you achieve this you continue on in the Animus to find out where The Apple is so you can use it in modern times. You once again play as Ezio Auditore and must go through a lot of missions until you can finally get the correct memory. It’s pretty straight forward. If you’ve played the older games it’ll feel very familiar.

assassin_creed_brotherhood_wall climb

The game play is amazing. You can climb buildings and basically use the entire environment like a jungle-gym. Running and jumping from building top to building is very fun and smooth. It’s all really organic. The combat system has been refined even more from the previous games. You have even more weapons at your disposal and can pick up the weapons of fallen enemies and use them as your own. The enemies are more responsive and not everyone dies to the counter attacks any longer. So that means you actually have to fight on occasion. There is an amazing system put in called Execution Streak. If you execute an enemy is battle you can flow from one enemy to another in sequence and just kill everyone in one hit. Now this isn’t to say that all the enemies will sit there watching, so you have to watch out for them attacking you during your streak, but these can be countered. It’s just awesome how it all strings together.

You have six stores you may purchase: the medic, blacksmith, tailor, art, stable and faction buildings. The medic heals and sells poison. The blacksmith sells armor/weapons. The tailor sells pouches and dyes your clothes. The art merchant sells you maps. The stable provides you horses in the area. Finally the faction buildings can be bought to place either mercenaries, thieves, or courtesans in the area.

Now the main reason for the name of the game is the Brotherhood. As Ezio you go about rebuilding the Assassins. You find followers and train them up among the ranks and they level up. As they level up, they get better armor and weapons until they are a complete assassin. These assassins can aid you in your battles if you call for them and it’s absolutely awesome when you use it the first time. They pop out of nowhere and attack the enemy you had selected and then disappear if a battle doesn’t start. They have missions  you can send them out on to get experience, as well as gold or items. During this time, you can not use their aid in battles for obvious reasons. They’re gone. Haha. So when you select to send them out, it tells you how long they’re gone for and you can continue what ever you were doing. Now, you can select up to 5 assassins for a single mission. Adding more to a mission increases the chances based on their level to the difficulty of the mission. If they fail the mission, they are dead and you must get yourself a new assassin to train yet again. This happened to me once and I lost 4 assassins. It was very sad.


The music was good. It pulled you into the battles with heavier sounds and while you’re just riding around there’s nice and peaceful music. I was a little surprised to hear a little opera, but I didn’t mind it.

The graphics are amazing yet again. The individual graphics for the characters aren’t leaps and bounds over the previous game, but they’re still as good as ever. The designers have done an amazing job on the landscape and that’s how it should be. For a game that’s so vast and open, it’s honestly a miracle how they get so much of the environment beautifully put in without feeling clunky at all. Everything feels as if it should be right where it is. On top of that it all looks perfectly how it should. I’ve had the pleasure of going to The Colosseum in Rome and I have to say that it took me back there. Any kind of landmark that they put into the game is so beautifully done that you could look at a side-by-side photo and not be disappointed. Honestly, take a moment to enjoy if you play.

Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood Rating

Graphics: 9/10   The graphics were top notch. The environments were so amazingly crafted that not a single thing felt out of place. The characters were designed well enough, but it felt like they didn’t want to work on it very much since the last game. This isn’t to say that they’re bad, just not enough to give a 10 to.

Gameplay: 10/10   I loved the game play. Everything flows so perfectly with each other and pulls you into the game. I just didn’t want to put it down. I’m being completely serious. I did not want to stop playing because it just pulled me in so much.

Audio: 8/10   The music fit the scene most often. They used music that fit the era, as well as what was going on but at times it felt like the game got bored with you. There was one time that my escape from guards took a lot longer than it should have, and eventually the music just went away. There was nothing but sounds of my character running. So that didn’t feel quite right.

Replay Value: 8/10   If you’re an achievement whore you’re going to be spending a long time going back in this game. Little added tasks in missions make it very difficult and if you want 100% in the game you’ll be going back to quite a few missions. Trust me.

Overall: 9.5/10   The game was great. The game play pulled you in and wouldn’t let you go. The graphics were absolutely breathtaking and if you’ve ever been to these locations, you will agree with the level of detail. I would definitely recommend this game to anyone. And if you’re a bit of a detective, you can go into the extra secrets in the game too. To be honest, I did and it got me hooked. Played the whole game through in 3 days. Barely did anything besides sit in front of the TV. Totally worth it.

Dante’s Inferno Review


Dante's Inferno Gameplay

Dante’s Inferno is the video game take on the epic story titled Divine Comedy. It’s the story of a man named Dante fighting through the nine circles of Hell on his quest to save his wife from the clutches of Lucifer. Dante is a crusader during the time of the Crusades in Jerusalem. He returns home to find his wife dead and her soul being taken by the Devil as a result of an oath he betrayed to her over something, though you’re not sure of at the time. As she is taken away, he is stabbed in the back by her killer and after defeating Death, he takes his scythe and venture into Hell after her.


The story is good and you can tell that a lot of time went into the making of the game. The landscapes are amazing and everything has a great feel to it. The narration is done well and the gameplay pulls you in, but not for too long. The problem with the game that I had was that there were a lot of videos. It felt like when I was about to get pulled into the game there was another long video I had to sit and watch.

If you’ve ever played a game like God of War or Castlevania: Lord of Shadows, then the fighting system should feel fairly easy to adjust to. And for those that haven’t, it’s not too hard to pick up. You have a light, heavy and ranged attacks. That’s about it. There are times when it will ask you to press a button and something huge happens, but that’s just following the HUGE button shown on the screen. Anyone can do it. They have a skill tree based on two sides, holy and unholy. As you progress through the game you can absolve or punish enemies and souls for experience toward the holy and unholy sides respectively. As these increase, your tree goes up and you use souls to purchase abilities. My one huge complaint about the game is the enemies. They are the same throughout the game. You’d assume every level would have it’s own group of enemies. Lust would have women, greed would have mouths, so on and so forth. But they just add on the baddies and cycle them throughout the entire thing. So I was disappointed in that.

dantes-inferno-xbox-360There are some pretty visual things in the game, such as women with their breasts hanging out, dead babies, and people suffering, so I’m not recommending this to anyone young. Like I said before the story does pull you in and if you can stand videos jumping in, have at it. Otherwise, there’s an animated video of it that follows the game almost exactly from what I can remember.

There is a DLC titled St Lucia. From what I understand, it allows you to build an arena type of setting with objectives and tasks for you and a friend to team up and finish. The customization is pretty great and you can upload them online for others to play and rate. Pretty great system in my opinion, but I didn’t get it because the games been out for over a year.

Dante’s Inferno Rating

Graphics: 8.5/10 The in-game graphics were good and well developed. There were some things that got to me, like the walls you climb, but I think they intended the souls to look cheap. They’re in hell anyway. Why make them look good, right?

Gameplay: 7/10 The fighting system was good while searching for items it made you want to check little nooks and crannies. It was linear, but that’s to be expected. Big fault though is still the enemies. I’m disappointed fighting enemies I saw in the first circle of Hell down in the 8th.

Audio: 8/10 Fairly good. The narration was done well and the tone seemed to fight the place. One creepy thing was how the babies cooed at you when they were coming at you and when you attacked them they cried. Those designers just thought of how to make you shiver a bit.

Replay Value: 7/10  If you’re going for the achievements, I’d say you may go at it 2 or 3 times because you left something somewhere. There is no picking levels, so you gotta start from the beginning. I’m almost done with my 2nd pass right now.

Overall, I’d have to give Dante’s Inferno a 7.8 out of 10. The game was well done and entertaining, but the lack of different enemies was upsetting. The graphics and story pulled you in even when things did get a little repetitive. The one thing I disliked was if you missed something, you had to start a brand new game from scratch. Granted, I did beat the game in about 4 hours or so but that’s besides the point.

New Author Blooddash

What’s up guys and gals?Lion King_hey_whats_up_pic

So my name is Blooddash and I’m here to help fill in reviews on games, achievements and anything that may or may not be relevant. I’ve been playing games since I was a kid and the NES was released. Got a Sega Genesis after that and then went to the N64 then Xbox and GC and afterward the 360 and Wii.I got the old school Gameboy with Killer Instinct and went up that system until the DS. Stopped there for some reason and switched to PSP. I’m mainly a console gamer because of a lack of good computer equipment. You may have noticed a large gap of Sony products besides the PSP. I enjoyed the games they had but just never went over to them. I’m not exactly sure why so let’s move on from there. My favorite genre of games are mostly FPS, Fighting and RPG.  The only MMO I got into was Guild Wars and it nearly took over my life. I’m not joking.

My accomplishments in gaming aren’t much. I think I just passed 35k achievement poachivement-unlocked-blooddashints on my Xbox account and used to play a couple fighting games on par with competitive. I went to a Brawl tournament in early January and got 4th place after not playing for maybe a year. Played BlazBlue pretty well for a while. I play Iron Tager and actually vsed Mike Z at an arcade and got a round on him. If you don’t know who that is let me put it plainly. BlazBlue is a fighting game. Mike Z is the best player in the US that plays as the character Iron Tager. I beat him in a round. Personal achievement accomplished. Haha.


Anyways that’s a little about me. I’ll be posting for games mainly along those genre but also plenty of others. There may also be reprints of what Game Ninja X put down for my own take on the item, but that is just a maybe. You can recommend games for me to play and review. That’s perfectly fine. My Xbox tag is BloodDash07 while most other games or forums online I go by Blooddash. So with that aside, thanks for having me.

– Blooddash