Xbox 360 slim with kinect

So last week I received the dreaded Red Ring of Death on my Xbox. After realizing how annoying it would be to break up the faceplate and screw back in the gpu, I returned my red ringed xbox to gamestop for $40 and bought the new $299 Xbox 360 Slim with Kinect. Here are the pros and cons of the system:

Pros– It’s light weight, has a sleek design, the power on and open disc buttons have sensors so you don’t really press it (it’s actually kinda fun to turn it on lol), the system has built in Wifi, there are extra usb ports and an hdmi port, and the Kinect is at a discounted price when you buy the bundle.

Cons– My biggest concern is how quickly the console overheats, it’s supposed to have extra fans but this console heats up 10x faster than my old Xbox and actually makes the discs warm (I’m wondering if this is only a problem with mine, does anyone know?) There is also no Rgb component cable only the standard Ryb one which isn’t HD. The Xbox 360 Slim hard drive has only 4 GBs if you get the cheaper one (seriously Microsoft only 4 GBs?!) That’s like 1000 songs or 2 full length porn movies. To deal with this issue I just borrowed a small Usb flash drive and use that to save my game data. Do not buy the 250 GB Xbox Slim unless you have extra cash because you can just buy a usb hard drive for $8.

Other than those issues, which can easily be dealt with, the Xbox Slim is a nice rendition of the original Xbox 360 and if you’re thinking about buying a new console do it now because the next generation of consoles are rumored to hit in 2013, that is if we make it past 2012 of course ;)